lush stool


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lush stool
lush stool
lush stool
lush stool
lush stool

prices in Canadian dollars.

( there is a set maximum of 2 Yoni Stools per order - if you are interested in purchasing higher quantities please contact me via email ) 

meet lush - like the bella - it is made with 3 evenly balanced pieces for the seat and the legs.

lush was created as a more comfortable option for those beautiful babes who would benefit from a wider stool seat. let’s face it, in the real world one size NEVER actually fits all.

This stool is made of Canadian Red Western Cedar - there are no wood finishes used on this product.

no finishes = no chemicals leeching near your delicates.

If you are wanting a finish, then apply one of your choosing once you receive the stool!


2 stools can fit into 1 box - a great way to share shipping costs if you know of another woman interested. Whether you are ordering 2 bella stools, 1 bella 1 lush, or 2 lush they can be shipped in 1 box to help save on costs.

If you are a local from the Saskatoon SK area I am willing to personally deliver / meet up some where close by for a small fee (~$10 depending on location) please contact me directly to set this up.


stool seat is approx 19.5” x 17.5”

stool height is approx 15.5” * if needed the stool height can be adjusted within a couple inches*

weight limit: 400+ lbs

I recommend choosing a stool based on the size of the seat.

If you are unsure which stool will be the most comfortable option for you I suggest sitting down and measuring from the back - hip to hip and comparing that to the seat measurements: bella ( 15” x 13”) lush ( 19.5” x 17.5”)

Things to consider about this stool:

- since there is no finish water, liquid, oils, etc will soak into the wood and cause water marks. If this is a concern of yours I suggest placing a clean towel down on the seat before each use. Or, coating the stool with a wood finish that you are comfortable using once you receive it.

- Over time the natural wood finish may require a bit of sanding, this can be done by hand outside or in a well ventilated area.

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