Embodied Steaming Course

a message from Jeevan Singh, the creator & guide for the Embodied Steaming course...

Hello love,

I remember the first time I had a pelvic steam. It was a little over 4 years ago at a womb massage class being taught at the Oregon coast. I remember seeing the herbs gorgeously floating in a bowl of freshly boiled water. It felt familiar and "right." As soon as I felt the subtle steam at my pelvic floor, I immediately fell in love, maybe even obsession, with steaming. It noticed that it felt like being touched in a way that was so gentle, so respectful and 100% on my own terms.  

And that was it. I was sold. I started offering steaming in my office and even had a friend help me cut out a hole in an $8 wooden chair I found at a second hand store (don't worry, I cleaned it thoroughly!). This chair became the "steam throne" in my office. 

This first year of offering steaming came with a lot of troubleshooting - figuring out how to keep the temperature of the water warm, but not too hot, which herbs to use and when to steam. It's incredible how much more information exists on the internet now compared to just 4 years ago!

Honestly, I saw steaming as an amazing physical support, seeing marked results in my clients's menstrual pain, endometriosis and pelvic pain. But I didn't realize the huge capacity for healing sexual wounding and held energy in our bowls through this practice.

After 4 years of steaming for myself and clients, teaching steaming at herbal conferences, selling gorgeous steam stools, being featured on the Wu Haus blog and even writing and selling all over the world a 40-page manual on steaming that I wrote... well, I decided it was time to actually try to teach it online.

In March, I launched Intro to Herbal Pelvic Steam Baths, my first full online course. It drew an incredible amount of interest and a large, rad group of students. It went great, but something was missing. I realized that I really wanted to offer a different experience, one that could actually foster transformation in my students, one that was less about learning from the mind and more about experiencing from the body.

This is how 
Embodied Steaming was born: a 6-week transformative course on herbal pelvic steaming as a practice for not just physical healing, but also deep emotional and energetic healing for your whole being and nervous system through the pelvic bowl. 

While Embodied Steaming teaches the fundamentals around safely doing steams at home, this course is really about inviting awareness back into this area of your body through the somatic practice of steaming in order to reclaim a sense of safety in your bowl, to begin to heal wounds held here and to nourish your capacity for increased pleasure and creativity in your life.

This course is all about giving you:
↠ Step-by-step guidance on how to safely steam at home
↠ A practical, body-based understanding of the nervous system
↠ An understanding of the impacts of stress and trauma on your health, well-being and pelvic bowl
↠ Tools to tune into the language of your body and why healing happens through the mind-body-spirit (not the mind alone)
↠ A practice for releasing energies held in your bowl and calling in what you want to cultivate
↠ The ability to reconnect to your birthright of pleasure, power and creativity

You'll be guided into steaming as a practice that has the ability to bring gentle sensation back into this area of your body that has potentially experienced wounding - whether this has been from negative sexual experiences, birth trauma, recurring infections, painful menses, birth loss, chronic stress, or even collectively regarding this area of the body as "bad" or "dirty." 

You can read more about the class here: 
Embodied Steaming

I'm kicking off today's launch by letting you know first about the Early Bird Special. For June 27 and 28 only, the course is just $247. Beginning Saturday, the price goes up to $397. 

Register by June 28th and you'll also get 2/3 off the price of Body Oracle, a course for finding and aligning with your full bodied yes and no! This special offer is for today only.

So excited to share it with you!

Love to each of you,